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Yuzu meringue pie, sesame tuile, lemon balm V

Stout cake, coffee caramel, clotted cream V

Lime posset, rhubarb jelly, almond crumb, mint cress V N

Lancashire bomb, Barkam blue, Baron bigod, Rosery ash, oat cakes,
membrillo, grapes



(V) Vegetarian | (N) Nut | (GF) Gluten Free. Download our dessert menu.

Please advise our staff of any allergies or special dietary requirements.
Food is prepared in a traditional kitchen and may contain traces of nuts. We can help identify suitable dishes for you and provide a list of all dishes containing allergens.
The menu is subject to change without notice. Meals are subject to availability.

For a more intimate dining experience, ask about booking our private dining room.

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