No3's top tips for stunning sausages

No3 at Nightingale Place’s Tips for Stunning Sausages

19th October 2020

No3 at Nightingale Place’s Tips for Stunning Sausages

If you’ve ever wanted a week dedicated to bangers, it’s here. UK Sausage Week takes place late October each year, unfortunately, this year the celebrations have been postponed due to the pandemic. However, we still wanted to celebrate UK Sausage Week in our own way, so we thought we would share with you a tasty sausage recipe and our head chef's top tips for great sausages. First, it’s important to focus on the meat itself:

• Always buy the best quality meat you can afford from local butchers.

• Consider flavours like spring onion, thyme and English mustard or toasted fennel seeds to add complexity to your final dish.

• Invest in a meat thermometer so you don’t need to slice the link to ensure it is full cooked.

• If you are preparing on a charcoal grill, consider keeping a can of ale to hand to douse any flames and add flavour.

• Remember that charcoal is ready when it’s completely white.

• Take the sausages out of the fridge around 10 minutes before you’re going to prepare them to allow them to come to room temperature so they do not burn on the outside while remaining raw in the middle.

Get creative with your food pairings and consider moving on from classics like pork and mustard to more complex flavours like chicken & gochujang which is spicy and punchy or pork & nam dok for a hot and sour note. If you serve in a bun or over potatoes, don’t scrimp on your ingredients. A stale, lifeless loaf or bland mash will take down the quality of your whole dish. A cold side dish like coleslaw or potato salad is a nice compliment for a lunchtime menu.

Consider beverage options as well. Now, a lager or bitter may be a classic choice but we’ve seen red wine and dry whites work excellently too. If you don’t consume alcohol, consider a simple sparking water or ginger ale to compliment the intense flavours.

If you wanted to try to create your own delicious sausage dish, why not try the following recipe?

Spiced Pork & Chorizo Balls



200g British sausage meat 

120g Chorizo sausage meat

40g Bread crumb

2 x Egg yolk

1tsp Dry sage

Salt & Pepper to season

Serves 2 as part of a main meal




Remove the sausage meat from their cases and discard the cases.

Combine all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and roll the mixture into small meatballs.

Bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 Celsius.

Allow to cool for a moment and then serve with your favourite accompaniment.


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