For the love of food

For the love of food

This Valentine's Day, whoever you choose to celebrate with, we believe it's all about the food.

Whether you like to get dressed up and go out for dinner in Clapham, get creative in the kitchen, or order in, our expert Chef has some inspiration for you.


1. Dine in at home on February 14th


Our Head Chefs are the masters of their craft. From creating the most exquisite original dishes, to their meticulous care in perfecting every step and presenting it beautifully on a plate. Lots of people love to do just that in the kitchen at home, taking pride in every step. A special event deserves a special menu and Valentine’s Day is no different. Here are a few of our favourite dishes to cook at home this Valentine’s Day.

--  Try to cook stunning sausages or spice things up with a healthy chicken curry recipe --

-- Get creative with our Italian-style recipe for chicken cacciatore with herb polenta and charred tenderstem broccoli --

-- And why not have a little fun with perfect pancakes? --



2. Book a table in Clapham, London


If you’re looking to dine out this Valentine’s Day then a steak dinner always comes in top as the most popular choice and as a result, most Valentine’s Day set menus offer just that. Other popular favourites include fish, curry and pasta or risotto dishes.

Our poached salmon with lobster sauce and tarragon, crushed potatoes and sautéed kale melts in the mouth!

Our delicious winterberry frangipane tart with clotted cream is the perfect treat to end with.

Then there’s the traditional Valentine’s inspired afternoon tea – here at No3 bistro and restaurant in Clapham we are proud of our Valentine's inspired menu and we can't wait for you to sample it.

Valentine's Day Menus



3. Takeaway


Of course, we all live busy lives and not everyone loves to cook (or perhaps you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and just fancy a night off!), in which case there is no shame in treating yourself to a takeaway.

That could be one of the typical takeaway favourites… fish & chips, Chinese, Indian, Thai, fried chicken, pizza...!

Have you considered the supermarket alternatives?

Top tip: Often the supermarket ‘Meals for two’ are tastier, healthier and more affordable than the fast-food equivalent.

Try Tapas for two from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose's selection of meals for two.



Cheers to that!

Don't forget to accompany your dish with something refreshingly ice-cold.

Perhaps our sparkling cocktail ideas will leave you inspired!

Valentine's Day Menus

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