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Seared and torched diver scallops, chorizo, Jerusalem
artichoke puree, roe tuile, jus, hairy bittercress

Salt baked beetroot, goats curd, toasted sunflower
seeds, wild florals (V)

Game terrine, pistachio’s, crab apple chutney, toasted
brioche £10.50

Fricassee of wild mushrooms, pumpkin gnocchi, truffle
pesto, sheep’s sorrel (V)
 £8.50 /£14.50




Prosecco battered haddock fish and chips, sauce
gribiche, pea puree, parsley salt

Squid ink risotto, slow braised cuttlefish, bergamot
gremolata, toasted pine nuts, crispy purslane
 £12.50/ £21.00

Braised short rib of beef, mushrooms, chantenay carrots,
baby shallots, pomme puree (GF)

Ricotta and squash ravioli, sage beurre noisette, charlock
and hazelnuts(V)
 £9.50 /£16.00




Shredded shin of beef cottage pie, carraway seeds, star
anise, mustard mash, chantenay carrots served with
swiss chard (GF) 

No3 fish pie, haddock, salmon, mussels, clams, prawns,
leeks, dill, smoked duchess potatoes, served with
runner beans

Portobello, spinach, chestnut and truffle cream pie in a
shortcrust porcini and wild mushroom pastry, served
with pomme puree (V)




Norcarella olives (VG)

Smoked almonds (N, VG)

Pork scratchings

Sourdough with salted butter or olive oil and balsamic (V)

Nuada (British nduja) and gorgonzola croquettes
with saffron mayonnaise

Soup of the day, sourdough, salted butter (V)

Avocado on toast, chilli, lime, micro salad (VG)
Add: cured salmon - £3.50, feta - £2.50 (V)




All our charcuterie is from Dingley Dell farms, 
 Dingley Dell cured was formed in 2019 to create an exceptional, artisan range of fermented sausages and air-dried whole muscle cuts, in the time honoured traditional Mediterranean style.
 Dingley Dell has created their own breed of pig recognised by Defra – the Suffolk Red - which is unique in its marbling and flavour.

Smoked chorizo 150g
 Grain mustard, honey (GF)

Boadicea 75g
 Bresaola style British dried beef (GF)

Albion 75g
 Coppa dry-cured British pork shoulder (GF)

Cerrunas 75g
 Dry-cured British prosciutto ham (GF)

Moccus 75g
 Simply seasoned, Milano style,
British salami (GF)

Platter, Boadicea, Albion, Cerrunas, moccas, nauda and
gorgonzola croquette, Shropshire cheese, amuse bouche,
smoked almonds, olives and piccalilli (GF)
 £15.00 pp

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(V) Vegetarian | (N) Nut | (GF) Gluten Free

Please advise our staff of any allergies or special dietary requirements. Food is prepared in a traditional kitchen and may contain traces of nuts. We can help identify suitable dishes for you and provide a list of all dishes containing allergens.

The menu is subject to change without notice. Meals are subject to availability.

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